Tour 41 Homes! See the latest in building and design. We appreciate our builders and thank them for inviting you to the 2021 Spring Parade of Homes. Please offer your appreciation in return.

House NumberBuilderAddressSubdivisionCityPrice
1K & L Homes12003 Acadia DriveHeritage Reserve AdditionBismarck$849,900
2Knutson Homes, Inc.8404 Nicklaus DriveWhispering Ridge 2nd AdditionBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
3Diversity Homes, Inc.8222 Nicklaus DriveWhispering Ridge 2nd AdditionBismarck$799,900
4Rudnick Construction Inc.7622 Clubhouse DriveThe Meadows at HawktreeBismarck$629,000
5Prestige Homes & Design, Inc.6036 Tranquil CircleMisty WatersBismarck Undisclosed/Presold
6K & L Homes1308 Community LoopHeritage Park AdditionBismarck$549,900
7K & L Homes6003 Sonora WayHeritage Park AdditionBismarck$394,900
8Knutson Homes, Inc.4729 Marsh Hawk DriveEagle Crest 6th AdditionBismarck$515,000
9Hallmark Homes Inc.3719 Cogburn Road Elk Ridge Bismarck$949,900
10Joe Vetter Construction Inc.3933 Cogburn RoadPromontory PointBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
11Stoneshire Builders4106 Cogburn RoadPromontory Point VI AdditionBismarck$829,900
12Prairie Aire Homes Inc2112 Frisco Way Elk Ridge 1st Addition Bismarck $499,900
13Paramount Builders Inc. 4121 Bugle BendElk Ridge 1st AdditionBismarck $598,900
14Diversity Homes, Inc.4119 Herd PlacePromontory Point VI AdditionBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
15J.E. Homes3929 Clairmont RoadPromontory PointBismarck$529,900
16Apex Builders LLC4535 Trailblazer LoopMaverick EstatesMandan$429,900
17Verity Homes 2201 34th Avenue SE Lakewood 9th Mandan $404,900
18Premier Homes2409 34th Avenue SELakewoodMandanUndisclosed/Presold
19Big River Builders2719 Langer LaneWhispering BayBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
20J.E. Homes2922 Peach Tree DriveCottonwood Parkview AdditionBismarck$420,000
21Verity Homes210 Kenner Loop Kamrose Crossing Bismarck $299,900
22Creative Touch Homes801 Calypso DriveSouthbay 2nd AdditionBismarck$719,900
23Diversity Homes, Inc.717 Calypso DriveSouth BayBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
24Rafter Peak4081 Intrepid CircleSouth BayBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
25Nodak Construction1001 Glenwood DriveSouth BayBismarck$450,000- $500,000
26Legendary Homes6740 Apple Creek Drive  Falconer EstatesBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
27Shaun Kessler Construction5935 Reily RoadDakota BreezeLincoln$349,900
28Aspire Homes5208 Hendrickson DriveClear Sky AdditionBismarck$439,900
29Vance Vetter Homes 5307 Hendrickson DriveClear Sky AdditionBismarck$424,900
30Ryan Karsky Construction and Homes LLC5416 Hendrickson DriveClear Sky AdditionBismarck$424,900
31Sattler Home’s Inc.4824 Maltby StreetSattler’s Sunrise 10th AdditionBismarck$409,900
32Premier Homes5308 Cobalt DriveSilver RanchBismarck$434,900
33Pinnacle Homes and Design5315 Gold Drive Silver Ranch Bismarck $469,900
34J.E. Homes5405 Gold DriveSilver RanchBismarck$509,900
35Boulder Homes5821 Gold Drive  Silver RanchBismarck$409,900
36Triton Homes3713 Silver BoulevardSilver RanchBismarck$489,900
37Bismarck State College Carpentry Program3803 Silver BoulevardSilver RanchBismarck$489,900
38Boulder Homes3905 Silver BoulevardSilver RanchBismarck$359,900
39Premier Homes4000 Nickel DriveSilver RanchBismarck$448,900
40Aspire Homes3904 Silver BoulevardSilver RanchBismarckUndisclosed/Presold
41Apex Builders LLC4131 Steel PlaceSilver RanchBismarck$304,900